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Amount Spent on Gift Cards in 2023

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Amount Spent

on Gift Cards in 2022

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Gift Cards and Save up to 35%!

Rite Aid Gift Card

What Exactly Are "Unwanted" Gift Cards?

gift card group
gift card group
gift card group
generic gift card


A person receives a gift card and would prefer to exchange the card for cash.

gift card exchange


The gift card recipient sells the card for 70-80% of its face value to an online exchange.

gift card savings piggy bank


Exchange sells gift cards online at a discount to cost-conscience consumers looking to save $$$.

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Gift Card Pro - How to Buy, Sell, Save, Tade & Profit from Gift Cards ebook covereBook cover

Gift cards have never been more popular than right now! Americans purchased over $534 billion in gift cards in 2022 alone, and about 77% of U.S. consumers currently hold at least one gift card. With this much money at stake, there are dozens of ways you can benefit from gift cards which are always in season.

Gift Card Pro, we’ll show you dozens of hacks, tips, and ways to get the most from gift cards.

Gift Card Pro also reveals insider secrets on how the gift card economy can benefit you. This 60-page eBook has so much that we had to pack them into six different categories, including Discount Trader, Extended Value, Amazon, Locals Only, and much more!

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Six Different Gift Card Categories

  • Gift Card Pro Top 12 Hacks
  • Discount Trader
  • Extended Value
  • Locals Only
  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • Miscellaneous Gift Card Tips

Discounted Gift Cards For Things

You Actually Want!

discount Movie gift cards
discount menswear gift cards
discounted shoe gift cards
discounted gifts gift cards
discounted dining-restaurant gift cards
discount coffee gift cards
discounted woman's apparel clothing gift cards
discounted groceries - gift cards
discounted jewelry gift cards
discounted beauty gift cards
discount diamond engagement ring gift card
discounted sports gift cards
discounted eyewear glasses - gift cards
discounted fast food gift cards
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Renovating? There's a Gift Card for That!


physical & digital gift cards (units) purchased



gift cards

wasted each year


of cardholders convert their gift card to cash


People who love receving gift cards as a gift

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Pet Supplies

  • Transfer "all-purpose" gift card funds to Venmo, PayPal, etc.
  • How to avoid gift card scams.
  • Why using your smartphone is the best way to manage gift cards.
  • Enjoy Savings-on-the-Go! (Great Feature)
  • Where to cash out your used gift cards.
  • Why Extended Value helps you maximize savings.

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target gift cards

Save up to...

Saved on Gift Cards

Hacks, Tips & Resources

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Gift Card Pro eBook contains over 100 unique links to verified and vetted resources and mobile apps to help you save the most on Gift Cards.

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What started as a fun research project has now disrupted the gift card economy. As a result, everyone is learning how to save money on things they already purchase.

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Gift Card Pro - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely! You have thirty days to check out Gift Card Pro and see if it fits your needs. If, for any reason, you're not happy with your purchase, reach out to us at, and we will cheerfully refund your total purchase price.

Is this eBook offer a scam?

Definitely not! Gift Card Pro shows you how to benefit from gift cards. We verify each gift card exchange we list and provide safeguarding information on how to prevent you from being scammed with gift cards. We aim to help you get the most from the gift card economy.

How long are my gift cards valid after purchase?

That depends on who you purchased the gift card(s) from. For example, CardCash offers a standard 30-day guarantee, but may offer up to a year. Therefore, it's best to know everything about the gift card before you purchase it.

Why do people sell their gift cards?

There could be several reasons, such as to pay a bill or use cash for something else. However, their loss can become your gain if you purchase discounted gift cards.

Do you offer an affiliate or joint venture program(s)?

Yes. Please get in touch with us at

Are these physical gift cards or digital (eGift) cards?

Each exchange will indicate what type of gift card you purchase in advance.

How do I know if the exchanges listed are legitimate?

We conduct our due diligence to ensure all gift card exchanges listed in Gift Card Pro are legit. They're not listed in this publication if they do not have peer reviews or offer a customer guarantee.

Is your publication listed on Amazon?

Yes! We have all three formats: paperback, audio, and Kindle versions of Gift Card Pro, available on the Amazon platform.

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