Gift Card Pro Affiliate & JV Program

Up to 50% Commission ($5.00) per sale!

World's First & Only eBook

Dedicated to the World of Gift Cards

JV Perks

√ FAST 10-Day Payouts via PayPal
√ Custom coupon codes to incentivize sales
√ transparently tracks clicks and sales
√ High-Quality Digital Product

√ ZERO Chargebacks

Straight-forward Affiliate Offer

OPTION 1 - Promote the eBook offer one-time it's 40% commission.

OPTION 2 - Promote the eBook offer twice or more within 7 days, and receive a 50% commission ($5 per sale).

We customize each Group offer regardless of which option you select for maximum sales conversions.

Why Promote Gift Card Pro?

√ Free Gift Card Sheat Sheet exposes the discount gift card economy

√ Packed with great savings, mobile apps, and discounted offers

√ Discover how to convert any gift card into cash

√ Where to find discounted gift cards that can save money

100+ links to vetted tools, tips, apps, rebates, and more

√30-Day Guarantee for customers

Review the Sales Funnel and Key Sales Tools

Gift Cards for things you really need...

4 Ways to Make More Commissions

1. Review the book and tell your audience (very powerful)

2. Promote this JV offer on other social media accounts

3. Use our Free Meme Promo Pack

4. Ask about our 2-tier Referral Program

Inside, readers will learn…

√ Get cash instantly for unwanted or used gift cards

√ Transfer gift card balances to mobile wallets such as Venmo or PayPal

How “unwanted” gift cards can save you up to 35% off face value

Five ways to convert an Amazon card to quick cash

Best marketplaces to buy discounted gift cards

√ Get more value from existing gift cards

√ Liquidate your gift card for money immediately

√ Spot gift card scams and avoid common pitfalls

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Gift Card Pro Joint Venture Terms of Agreement:

1. The commission is:
-- Option 1 is 40% commission ($4.00)
-- Option 2 is 50% commission ($5.00)

2. Commissions are paid ten days after the launch date.

3. All commission payments are made via PayPal.

4. If not abused, no chargebacks will be debited from commissions.

5. GCP provides all the text, images, and other collateral to promote the offer.

6. The final commission payment is made 20 days after the launch date.

7. This Join Venture agreement becomes null and void 21 days after the launch or when the final commission payment has been made.


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