Mint Mobile Review 2024

If you’re considering switching your cell phone service to Mint Mobile, I would like to share my experience; spare a few minutes; I can reveal the truth — good and bad about Mint.

First, let’s get to the question everyone asks: Does Ryan Reynolds own Mint Mobile, the cellular phone company?

Yes. He does. There’s a page on the Mint website explaining why he decided to invest in Mint rather than rocket launches.

The real question is whether his investment will turn out to be a Deadpool or a Green Lantern for him. So, let’s find out...

American film actor Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool and Green Lantern.

First, it’s worth explaining that Mint Mobile is what’s known as a ‘VMNO’ or Virtual Mobile Network Operator. All that means is that Mint Mobile doesn’t run the infrastructure. You won’t see a Mint Mobile cell tower anywhere in the country.

mint mobile coverage map

Instead, VMNOs buy cell coverage from another operator, in Mint’s case, T-Mobile, and piggyback on their network. These benefits customers who can choose between hundreds of wireless providers instead of the big three names.

VMNOs can offer lower prices because they don’t have to pay for the cell service infrastructure and equipment, just the part they are using. They also run their business model differently, such as not having physical stores.

5G Mint Mobile for Free 2023

Because Mint Mobile uses T-Mobile, they have access to their vast network, which is why Mint offers 4G and 5G services. That’s right! 5G is included in every plan, so you don’t need to choose. Instead, your cellphone will select whichever signal is strongest.

Plus, T-Mobile is rolling out 5G, expecting to cover 99% of the population in the next few years, so with Mint, you can sign up and forget about it, knowing that if you have a 5G phone, you will get a 5G signal as soon as it’s in your area.

Mint Mobile bring your own phone - review 2023

Even better, Mint also works with any unlocked phone. This is great if you are coming from another provider and want to keep your old phone. Or you can have the latest phone without worrying about it being available on your network. As long as it is unlocked or out of contract so you can get it unlocked, you’ll be good to use it with Mint.

One unusual feature of Mint is that its payment model is a sort of ‘prepay extreme,’ filling a space between traditional prepay and contracts. Mint offers plans in three-, six- and twelve-month increments. The more time you spend, the cheaper the per-month cost is.

All their plans come with unlimited voice and text minutes, so you can chat away as much as you like on any plan; instead, the plans are divided by the data, so you choose based on how much you tend to use.

The prices range from $25 to $45 a month if you buy three months at a time, but if you pay for a year, these drop to $15 to $30 a month, making it a much cheaper option.

They also offer your first three months at twelve-month discount prices, so it’s cheap to try them out. If you use the link in my description, you will also receive $15 off.

Okay, I did say that I would mention the bad, and like everything in life, Mint isn’t perfect.

First, it’s worth highlighting that some people find the T-Mobile network can be a bit patchy. It’s not an experience I’ve had, but we all know that every provider has spots they seem to struggle to reach. It’s worth asking colleagues or neighbors, or just checking the T-Mobile coverage map, to ensure this won’t be an issue for you.

Mint also shares a problem that all VMNOs have: if a cell operator’s network gets busy, they prioritize their customers over the VMNOs. Again, I’ve never experienced this, but it’s something you might need to consider if you are often in busy places or events.

Finally, be careful if you want to use the Mint Mobile network for lots of data or as a hotspot. The unlimited plan slows speeds, limits video to 480p after 35 GB, and limits hotspot data to 5 GB. This probably won’t be an issue for most people, but if you’re a YouTube power viewer, or it’s how you get your laptop online, you might want to check your current data needs.

My experience has all been good. I’m doing this review because, having used the service for over four years, I’ve been so impressed that I want to share that.

Let’s start with the most important thing, the cell service.

My experience has always been excellent. The service has always been reliable, and there has never, to my knowledge, been any downtime: when I’ve needed to make or receive a call, it’s been there.

The call quality itself is superb. Voice calls are clear and without distortion; I’ve never had a dropped call.

The data signal has always been good too. I’m usually in a 4G area, where the data signal has always been strong and reliable with solid speeds. However, when I’ve occasionally been in 5G areas, the speed has been blazingly fast: it almost feels like mobile internet has become instantaneous.

One thing I need help commenting on is customer service. Because Mint Mobile has been so good, I’ve only used it once in over four years!

They offer customer service through phone, online chat, and email. However, the one time I did call them, there was a wait, so I tried the online chat, where I got through straight away, and the agent on the other end solved my problem quickly and efficiently.

Would it have been better to get straight through on the phone? Perhaps. But did I call excellent customer service? Absolutely.

Finally, Mint Mobile has a great app. Again, this is something that isn’t that common, often, there will be no app, or it will just be a wrapper for their website. Mint is different; it feels well put together, and thought has gone into it, making it easy to manage your account and usage.

Bottom-line? I love Mint Mobile and can’t recommend it highly enough. If you want to save money %15, click on the pinned link below to save when you sign up.

Every cellular provider has pros and cons, but with Mint, it feels like the cons are T-Mobile's. However, Mint Mobile's service is excellent, so if you are looking for a great cell phone plan at a low price, Mint Mobile is a tasty option.

MARCH 2023 UPDATE -- Mint Mobile has run on the T-Mobile network since day one and now has joined forces with T-Mobile, which will be able to bring the best value in wireless to a whole new level. More importantly, they have no plans to change our $15 per month pricing and customers will continue to benefit from the same reliable and affordable service that has defined Mint Mobile since the beginning.

This exciting arrangement will allow Mint Mobile and T-Mobile network to accelerate their subscriber-centric approach and deliver the Mint Mobile experience customers have come to expect while securing permanent access to the nation’s largest, fastest and most reliable 5G network.

mint mobile review - 5 stars

Natalie Bravestone

A proud single mom is making everything work in southern California. I am a proud four-year customer of Mint Mobile. Thanks for reading my Mint Mobile review for 2023.


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