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About Gift Card Pro

Michael Cruz is a communications consultant, community volunteer, and author—an award-winning specialist who shows others how to participate in the digital economy.

He currently serves as the CEO of RMC Digital Holdings and lives in southern California.

(NOTE: View Michael’s entire bio on Amazon).

Contact: Michael Cruz
3505 Atlantic Avenue #1045
Long Beach, California 90807


Title: Gift Card Pro

Subtitle: Buy, Sell, Save, Trade & Profit from Discount Gift Cards

ISBN: 978-1-536-8794-0 (print)

Page Count: 68

Formats: Paperback, eBook (PDF), Kindle

Publish Date: March 17, 2023

Subject: Gift Cards, discounts, hacks

Category: Consumer Reference

Sample Interview Questions

How can gift cards be sold for less than face value?

What are the most popular gift cards?

How much was lost in unused gift cards last year?

Can anyone sell their gift cards for cash?

How can gift cards fight inflation?

What is the biggest mistake consumers make when they already have a gift card?

Who started gift cards, and when?

Why should you avoid buying gift cards in a retail location?

What are the most common gift card scams?

How much money is spent on gift cards annually?

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